A dramatic novel series for women, about women, by women


Behind the Story
When they hatched the idea of co-authoring their first novel, sisters Angela and Julie Scipioni had been living on separate continents for more than two decades - Angela in Italy, Julie in New York State. Over the years, they had been fairly good at maintaining their promise to keep in touch, first through letters, then with emails, but neither enjoyed prattle, and time and distance eventually eroded the intimacy they’d once shared. Both women had nurtured a passion for the written word since early childhood and when the idea of writing a novel of their own was launched, they enthusiastically gave life to the fictional sisters of their imaginations, Iris and Lily Capotosti. The two little girls in search of a voice so passionately insisted on telling their story, that Angela and Julie were swiftly swept away. Day after day, their heads, hearts, and hands worked in concert across six time zones and an ocean, devoted to Iris and Lily. 


About the story

Iris & Lily is a family saga that spans five decades and brings to life the joys and struggles that women face - both in their own lives and in their relationships with sisters, mothers, friends, and lovers. 

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