I fell in love with the characters right away.
— Amazon reader review

About the Story


The story

During an email exchange that spans the Atlantic and continues intermittently throughout the novel, Iris and Lily Capotosti begin reminiscing about their past, growing up as sisters during the ‘60s and ‘70s in Upstate New York. Born as two out of twelve children to a hot-blooded Italo-American father and a mild Irish-American mother, they lived in an environment marked by poverty and neglect, abuse and favoritism, stifling Catholicism and disruptive feminism.

As adulthood approaches and opportunities slip away, each opts to seek refuge in a marriage she hopes will provide the love and security she has craved her entire life. The dramas and conflicts of their past soon take root in their adult lives, driving a wedge between them and luring them into their respective entanglements of abuse, infidelity, disillusionment and broken dreams. They travel to the edge of self-destruction where they each make a shocking discovery.